There Will Be Goats

The sign pointing to Shirley Plantation showed up on the right-hand side and I took its sentiment to heart as I turned down the back road. Slinking around the grounds for photo ops, I suddenly became aware of a common theme.

In Waiting…

Stay strong steers. Almost all of you get through unscathed. Wish I could say the same for my film!

Maymont Falls, Hollywood Cemetery

Don’t get upset when families cart their baby carriages across the stepping stones holding up the works. Yes, there’s a clear path around the other side, but…just let it happen. And bring water fool.


“This is a statement about being guarded. How guarding yourself can keep you from freedom and beauty,” I thought. Then I saw either Abraham Lincoln or an old lady knitting in the clouds.

Roping in the Beast, Undaunted

The beast can be anything: a promotion, a date, front row seats to Rush, a good night’s sleep, perfectly smoked barbecue, singing Journey flawlessly at karaoke, whatever. In this picture, it’s a scared little calf that surely would’ve squealed with the most plaintive whine were it caught. It wasn’t. Score 1 for the bovines, -1 …

Mono Lith

Mr. No Shoulders

President’s Day in Washington DC

One morning in February, I woke up, had my tea and pistachios, took a shower, and proceeded to get dressed. As NPR kept me company in the background, I overheard a mention of President’s Day. “Wait a second, it’s President’s Day!” Shelve the constricting clothes.  Put some jeans on and load the nearest Argus C3 …