The Ides of August

Since last year I didn’t have an affair with an intern and the free trade agreement I signed with the Mexican restaurant at the end of the street hasn’t brought me any discounted hot tamales, I don’t foresee any 9/11 scale events…



Papier Mâché Chat

After he was set up in his perch, Iris turned around to see Miles’ shadow cast along the old wooden floor. She became giddy with excitement and turned back around to look for the car. Within minutes the Bonneville turned into the driveway…

There Will Be Goats

The sign pointing to Shirley Plantation showed up on the right-hand side and I took its sentiment to heart as I turned down the back road. Slinking around the grounds for photo ops, I suddenly became aware of a common theme.

In Waiting…

Stay strong steers. Almost all of you get through unscathed. Wish I could say the same for my film!

Maymont Falls, Hollywood Cemetery

Don’t get upset when families cart their baby carriages across the stepping stones holding up the works. Yes, there’s a clear path around the other side, but…just let it happen. And bring water fool.

Thunderbirds in the Park

On my way into Maymont Park to finally blast through a roll of Ilford SFX, I noticed a fleet of 17 Ford Thunderbirds decorating the lawn. Determined to get through this roll of pseudo-infrared film, I soldiered on…for about a handful of paces. Then, high-tailed it back to the car to get the camera loaded …


“This is a statement about being guarded. How guarding yourself can keep you from freedom and beauty,” I thought. Then I saw either Abraham Lincoln or an old lady knitting in the clouds.

A Black and White Fourth

I’ve made the inevitable move to developing my film at home. I’ve been developing black and white since my last post about the Greek Festival. It’s more rewarding than I could ever have imagined. Not only is it much quicker and easier than I had anticipated, but being in control of the process from loading the …

Greek Festival 2013

Through the bellows of an Agfa Isolette III, I saw dancers demonstrating how to properly get your Greek on. Through the belly, I had a “Yee-roh,” a pretty damn good beer and the best baklava I’ve ever tasted. I’d jump like the guy in the photo if I could have that every night.

Colonial Parkway

Colonial Parkway + Polaroid 600 + Impossible film + me on vacation =