Spring is Coming

And let’s hope it brings forth many more blog entries.

I’ve hit a rut. Plain and simple. Not quite sure what happened, but I would imagine just about every “blogger” out there goes through it. Shoot. Any writer, painter, composer, or poet.

It happens. Get over it.

Becoming overly critical of your work has to be one of the main culprits for these ruts and I’ve gotten very judgemental about my posts. I want to be a better writer. This is of course a good thing and the criticism that keeps popping up in my head is, “Stop speaking in the first person!” I mean come on. I’ve already used first person pronouns eight times by the end of this sentence.

Now, obviously I can’t/don’t want to stop it altogether, but definitely do it less. And besides being a worthwhile exercise, it makes people believe more in what you’re saying. It gives your message more weight – no matter if it’s discussing shooting film vs. digital, beer vs. wine, old Kraft Mac ‘n Cheese vs. new Kraft Mac ‘n Cheese or your views on the insanity that is a Presidential campaign. Saying “Well, I think that…” or “In my personal opinion…” tends to be read as, “hey, don’t take this too seriously because it’s just me here.”

It won’t be easy.

However, I shall not wither before the challenge.

I mean, (damn)

The challenge is real, but it can be overcome.

Speaking of shooting film vs. digital, let’s take a look at some recent photos yours truly (fail) shot recently with a newly acquired Canon 6D. Full-frame digital goodness! Is film dead? No. Please no. But these photos make me happy. In my opinion at least.

Sunset Burger & Brew

Sunset Triple

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