Atlantis Falling

In keeping with the apocalyptic sounding music from the last post, I give you “Atlantis Falling.”

I actually recorded this piece back in 2000. It started with an improvised drum part. After that, I turned to the keyboard and added on the strings which completely changed the mood. That brought about the synthy guitar sounds and finally a hand drum part. The title comes from the descending strings before the climax. This is a good example of a “through composed” piece. In other words, nothing ever really repeats.

Is it noise? Is it disturbing? Is it beautiful? Is it depressing? Hopefully anything but boring.

As I mixed the piece down with multiple listens, it didn’t necessarily fill me with glee and a sense of hope, but I did love the grotesqueness of it. This version is mixed 15 years after the fact with a much better processor and plugins so there’s a bit more clarity to all the gnarly bits.

The photo is a double exposure of the rapids on the James River and the Richmond skyline taken on an expired 12 exposure roll of FujiColor Super HG 100.

Feel the deluge! Save yourselves!

Atlantis Falling

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