I recorded this in one session about 4 years ago. It was one of my first experiments with Ableton and the Push. The ease of its creation and positive reaction I received from friends really helped me realize I was in a good creative space with Ableton and Push.

With some newly acquired plugins and experience mixing and mastering an album for Fuzzy Prophet, I decided to give this a more polished treatment. And hey, now it’s streaming on all the major platforms! Number 4 is in the can!

I’d originally thought this might be the “A” side of a single with 5AM being the “B” side. My thinking being both these pieces start relatively the same, but go down very different roads. The moon would be the center of this Venn diagram. Lighthouse, with its eerie beginning, presents a pulsating harsh light within a horror movie scene. But also, lighthouse stood for the moon and its sometimes evil direction. With 5AM, the beginning pulse is without a doubt a heart and it slowly gives way to an early morning awakening – seeing joy and happiness and an affirmation of what a new day can bring. Guiding this blurry-eyed journey: the moon.

Well, guess what ol’ Peter Gabriel’s been doing… Releasing tracks around the moon.

Ok, I can’t altogether blame this scrapped moon single on PG. But I can pin it squarely on procrastination. However, I give you, my humble blog reader, The Moon single: Lighthouse / 5AM.

I did manage to get Lighthouse out the door in time for Halloween. So, all good.

Old Point Comfort Lighthouse

The photo is of Old Point Comfort Lighthouse in Fort Monroe, Virginia. I took the photo about 10 years ago and superimposed another image of rain on glass to get this:

Old Point Comfort Lighthouse

For the album cover, I added a red gradient overlay in Photoshop to turn a pleasant tranquil oceanside scene into something more closely resembling a horror novel cover. Enjoy! Muahahahah!!!

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