Maymont Falls, Hollywood Cemetery

My Saturday in the Park (not on the Fourth of July unfortunately (see: Chicago)) concluded with taking a roll of Ilford’s SFX 200 for a spin. This film is a “pseudo” infrared film so it won’t exactly duplicate that front of the “Unforgettable Fire” album look, but it’ll come close. After getting back to the top of the Maymont Falls, panting, with half my body weight left as sweat on the steps behind me, I retreated to my car and a leisurely drive through Hollywood Cemetery.

(Personal Note: Make sure you go out on a day where there is actually blue sky and direct sunlight so things can look more “infrareddy.” Also, don’t get upset when families cart their baby carriages across the stepping stones holding up the works. Yes, there’s a clear path around the other side, but…just let it happen. And bring water fool.)

3 thoughts

  1. Greg, these are really cool. My total favorite (just in case you care) is the full waterfall shot — you talk about letting annoying visitors “just happen,” but the people in this shot almost look fake! It’s fabulous!
    (Also love the vine-y mausoleum and the interior chapel shot.)
    Kudos, dude!

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