Your Blessed Little Urchins’ Grins

For a number of years, a guy named Lee Harris put together a Christmas album of music he wrote along with songs from fellow musicians. It was hard work getting the songs written in time, but always fun and a great excuse to record with people you probably would never have worked with otherwise.

This song is one of mine from way back in 2001. It’s not the best vocal performance in the world, but the sentiment is definitely there. Enjoy!


Baby It’s You

Christmas, Christmas
The best time of the year
Christmas, Christmas
I fill myself with beer
And cheerful memories
of the one I hold so dear

And that’s you baby, it’s you
You got me cryin’ for your lovin’
And buyin’ for your oven
That’s you baby, it’s you
You got me applyin’ for a loan
And lookin’ in a zone
That’s you baby, it’s you
And no one else

Eatin’ that meat while I’m tryin’ to greet
Your blessed little urchins’ grins
I’ve got my favorite music on
And gravy runnin’ down my chins
But who’s this beautiful gal
Here to meet my lovable kin?

Sleepin’, sleepin’
Now you know it can’t come too quick
I’m waitin’, waitin’
For the fat man ol’ Saint Nick
To give me what I’ve been dreamin’ of
Since I was able to kick

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